About Us

Make GOODIES accessible to all!

At JoyDion, we're passionate about making stylish and quality items accessible to everyone. We've noticed that prices are often inflated due to branding and labelling practices, which can make it challenging for many people to afford the things they love.


Our approach

Instead of investing heavily in labelling, which raises manufacturing costs due to high minimum order quantities (MOQs) and extra storage costs, we focus on delivering affordable products to our customers who prioritise value for money over logos. By working closely with factories and manufacturers worldwide allows us to negotiate better prices while operating with an on-demand ordering system, ensuring minimal stock wastage in our warehouse and helping us maintain low prices.


JoyDion's strengths
Same item at the fraction of the cost.

How do we keep prices low without sacrificing on quality?

1. On-demand – we keep costs low by utilizing an on-demand ordering system. This means we only order products when they are needed, reducing excess inventory and storage expenses.

2. Fully online – Operating fully online helps us minimize costs. Without the overhead of physical stores, we save on expenses like rent, utilities, and maintenance.

3. Close relationship with suppliers – Maintaining close relationships with our suppliers is key to keeping costs down. By negotiating favorable terms and pricing agreements, we ensure that we get the best value for our customers.