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What to do after IPL laser hair removal treatments

You’re on your way to achieve your dream hairless smooth skin. You’ve followed your IPL sessions diligently and can’t wait to see hair removal results on your arm and legs. That's great! But there are a few important steps to care for your skin after each session to ensure you receive the best results. A typical laser hair removal session (whether at a clinic or using an IPL handset at home) can take up to 3-12 weeks, which means it is important to make sure your skin is prepped and ready between sessions. Furthermore, developing a good skin care routine can help keep your skin healthy and photoshoot ready!


Avoid direct sunlight 

The first rule when it comes to post laser hair removal is to avoid direct sunlight. The reason is because after undergoing hair removal or IPL treatment, our skin is at its most sensitive. So too much exposure to direct sunlight can irritate or even cause damage to the skin. 

Tips: Make sure your treated area is fully covered with loose-fitting long sleeves, breezy blouse or any loose clothes that allow your skin to breathe.

Wear sunscreen 

Wearing sunscreen everyday could benefit you in the long term as it protects your skin from harmful rays. Especially after a laser hair removal session, it is recommended that you put on sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 (or higher) to ensure your skin is fully protected. However, if you’ve treated areas on your face, use SPF 50 as the skin on the face is more sensitive and delicate compared to skin on the body.

Use gentle moisturiser/ lotion after each sessions

apply lotion after IPL laser

Since your skin may experience dryness after each IPL session one important tip to take note is to apply moisturiser or lotion after each hair removal session, the types of moisturisers you choose to apply on your skin also plays a key role in helping your skin feel smooth, supple and non irritating. In fact, the more naturally sourced, the better. 

Choose moisturisers that contain natural ingredients or for sensitive skin. Anything with Aloe Vera is an excellent place to start.

Tip: Apply moisturiser/ lotion after each laser session

Gentle exfoliate before treatments

JoyDion Body scrub

Before your IPL hair removal treatments body scrubs can help get rid of dead skin cells which makes shaving easier to prevent the shaver from catching a layer of dead skin cells.

Body scrub or exfoliating also helps skin turnover which unclog pores, prevent ingrown hairs and make your skin feel smoother than ever.

Check out JoyDion Body Polish that delivers gentle scrub for your delicate skin before and after IPL treatments!

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